- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


I like this build its lacking in range tho.
I am missing a x1 platinum plating and x1 sorrow :l


Without legs who can jump?? .-.


Replay DAC9


Look at his amazing raid score!



says what am i witnessing
has war hammer, terror cry, avenger and dynamite boots on a physical mech


You use “fail at using them” for the best player at the moment … seem you do not know how to use words correct :exclamation:

Here are the facts about who fails …

Isn’t that funny :question:

It is … :rofl: :exclamation:

@Canopy won 3 weekly tournaments in the last 4 weeks, you needed 4 years for this … :joy: :exclamation:



Wtf @Silverbox fix this please. if it is a bug.


replay code : 1FBEB, in case you have short memory about how things stand.
And if you want to talk about ego… go play with your clanmate about it :wink:
When the original faces the copy… 5 times in a row the outcome is always the same.

relay code : 2F66
By the way, that topic is crap, since you fail to aknowladge player that have medals, because you lack verticality about things.

Not flexing or things like that, but there should be some seed of truth when you come to flex about your builds, and how good they are… be decent atleast not to call them yours and original, if it isn’t like that

Humble in victory, gracefull in defeat


It is by no mean a copy. I did get the weapon set up inspiration from your build, but thats it, and i play it totally different. I never win against you anyway, nothing too new.

Soon to be read here “you equiped a weapon on a mech, thats my original concept, you filthy copycat - El Metre’s ego”.

Happy to see that you are now flexing on single victories, thought you get the game mechanisms better.
Very well done, you beat Canopy and Gorgon, you are now a big boy.

How is you dual purifier project going?


Oh I need to explain you something already most of the players know …

  • a single win is a single win

Feel free to be happy about, same as all are happy if they win vs me :exclamation:

  • a weekly tournament win is a total different thing, and 100 times harder to achieve than a single win

Feel free to try as other best players do like @lordgorgon, @CANOPY :exclamation:

And all players build their Mechs by THEMSELF, all this “I built it first, my build, etc” is just pure nonsense :grey_exclamation:


bestplayeroftheworld vs ElMetre

17 : 3



Good to see you both triggered like that :joy::joy::joy:
Made my day.

think neither of them won against me in like… 3-4 weeks or so… not really counting.

Carry on, flexing on whatever make you guys happy.

Be the bellybuttons of the world…the SM world. Fantasy is free :wink:
Cheers, :coffee:


how many magma blasts you got now?


I am not triggered in any case, I just saw a wrong statements from you, like saying …

“fail at using them” to the current best player by far … @CANOPY

… more wrong is not possible, therefore it had to be corrected :exclamation:

And about your build skillz, you need to learn about the weapons before equiping them, because with rollers some weapons do not work :exclamation:



Guys please stay on topic… for conversation you can create new one or go in pm


Im still at 1.
I would have copy Metres build long ago otherwise.


he does have good builds regardless so I would have too


Everybody has good builds. I like mine cause not many are using them… i wouldnt go volcano even if id have magmas loads…


el metre honnete contre besty arnaqueur

I accuse the admins, let letting players cheat


it’s true. I wished I had a volcano but the dual deso seems more effective against claw users but weaker to huggers so it’s superior in a way since claw is abundant yet huggers are rare.

both builds need lots of specific items so I guess it’s up to luck


I thought the forum is for conversation :interrobang:

And flexing in a flex thread seems also topic to me :grey_exclamation: