- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


As for the second model … I think the problem is the drone … at some point I used heat drone on phys and the truth wasn´t very successful.

Phys is strong, but almost doesn´t have free energy weapons.

It should be seen in action, but in theory it does not convince me.


flex :smirk:


wanna tango, little panther? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Come on … I would like to try


i still gotta myth the purifiers and the armor shreders… will take a while… Gross alredy has it build alredy i think.
dance a bit with his, works pretty decent, and remember he lack a few platplats.


Actually, for me, the most annoying drone is Backstabber … if magma had the ability to reheat there would not be much problem, but magma doesn´t reheat (in general heat does not overheat), so Backstabber is the most annoying thing for magma building .




Youll need a bigger house to fit that ego of yours in the near future it seems.

On a side note, nice copyrighted builds monsieur “im the only legit builder in the game”. Those new weapons needs legs. Also, purifier is 2 uses since some time already.


Its a mistake to think build individually. Much more efficient to think line up and builds compatibility to face whatever comes at you.


Ranking flex.


Memestic build.


I wot falconn


I like this build its lacking in range tho.
I am missing a x1 platinum plating and x1 sorrow :l


Without legs who can jump?? .-.


Replay DAC9


Look at his amazing raid score!



says what am i witnessing
has war hammer, terror cry, avenger and dynamite boots on a physical mech


You use “fail at using them” for the best player at the moment … seem you do not know how to use words correct :exclamation:

Here are the facts about who fails …

Isn’t that funny :question:

It is … :rofl: :exclamation:

@Canopy won 3 weekly tournaments in the last 4 weeks, you needed 4 years for this … :joy: :exclamation:



Wtf @Silverbox fix this please. if it is a bug.


replay code : 1FBEB, in case you have short memory about how things stand.
And if you want to talk about ego… go play with your clanmate about it :wink:
When the original faces the copy… 5 times in a row the outcome is always the same.

relay code : 2F66
By the way, that topic is crap, since you fail to aknowladge player that have medals, because you lack verticality about things.

Not flexing or things like that, but there should be some seed of truth when you come to flex about your builds, and how good they are… be decent atleast not to call them yours and original, if it isn’t like that

Humble in victory, gracefull in defeat