- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Thats just some of my poor Turkish mate.


flex my new power kit


Turkish -> Turkey -> Turkey sound = Gobble Gobble -> Gobblish -> Gibberish

am i creative yet


Makes sense.


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sees mythfood




does that apply to you too


Got this on my phys-main alt account.


Myth food?


depends on your build

You can make a res drainer build + the -50 res floorpad and boom. 150 extra damage per turn




I’d say it is excellent for titan battles atleast


i flex my full day of farming but i also flex this rare drone i got from lvl 160 box


Or should I use it (plus a few rares) on my lvl 32 malice beam to max it? I need to know pleassseee. @WinzKay, what would you suggest? (btw this post is leading up to a flex)


Malice beam isn’t really used in top ranks so I’d keep the original plan

Nightfall would be the best option


Thank you! I will upgrade it and post it soon! Anyways I have to catch some zzzzzzzzs. 'Night!


Shoutout to the people stacked on arena coins :sunglasses:


nah, uh-unh, I’m going senile. I’ll take my daily dose of geritol and see those are actually stompers


Nope, must need an extra dose. Gotta be the lumbago, only possible explanation, it’s making me start to see things. Did this though:

forgot to screenshot actually mything it. Let the hating begin.


Three flexes in a row! I’m on a roll tonight


I remember when I got that Achievement…I missed my Mercy (assuming it’s Mercy) do over 500 Damage…