- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


I think you will need a heat mech for that fight, maybe something with 2 Heat Bombs.


amazing. thanks.


Ayy lmayo .-.


Ayy lmayo x2 .-.


Ayy lmayo .-.
wee :v


Mech Corp top 25? Now I wish I hadn’t left my second account :wink:


RANK 6!!!


Nice, now get to Rank 5, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1 then Dominate the Game with your skills…

wait…I need to get to rank 1…


Lol good luck and thx


Thank you heatpoint!

Very cool…



but is that Mech Corps vs Lions of Atlas


We fought 2 days ago and i won :slight_smile: Its 1-1 now


Its Mech Corp II. I am leader now of that clan. (i just need to wait mods to transfer leadership to me)


yes it is , Gold Tiger is a member of Lions of Atlas


Highest ranked R2


Beautifull mate.
Looks like you grabed a big fish, well done.

Edit: i prefered you as the topest gold skull rather than one of the black skulls.


Lost around monsters…lol


Everybody in top 50 can virtually achieve top 10.
Thats indeed a sea full of sharks/monsters.


think you need a few things to brack into the top 10.
Special wepons, like VSs, bunkers, magmas, BS.
Special torsos like Energy free, Monkey series.
Special modules, like protectors and platplats, and storages.
And you need those in big numbers, don’t think we have regular top 10 players with less then 4-5 platplats.
you can sneak in, when the sharks are sleeping, but it takes too much dedication to fish out that way.
Best enjoy the game and the rewards by playing it in your style… then fishing.
Gj Burny :wink:


What if they wake up while i am doin my job.:anguished::anguished::anguished: