- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


53,700 if my calculations are correct.


Quite a few. Darkstare is probably right.

And you know what? 100% worth it.

Note: everything here was legitimately obtained. No cheating… Just saying.


That doesn’t seem worth it. That’d mean you’ve spent nearly $1000 just on paint.

How much have you spent on items then?


I’ve maybe spent $800 total. The last $10 I spent bounced off a broken TS purchase system and duped themselves infinitely. I notified support immediately but they took 3 days to fix it. Haven’t spent a dime since for obvious reasons.


Oh so you have infinite tokens now? Their fault for not fixing it lol.


Nah, I only had that for 3 days. I had a few thousand built up for later but that ran out during the flaming spear release. (The sale where I used 8000 tokens and got nothing.)


Holy Mother of Mechs.
That’s a lot of paint.


ahh, so you’ve chosen to publicly announce this




Infinite tokens glitch that seems like fun.


@magicmech20, now thats some examplary transparancy.

Hats down Doomagicoftheblueshinymech


Got this yesterday, forgot to post it. Now I just need the heat one to become the Orbmaster


Yo @lordgorgon I see that you liked one of my posts.

You got yourself a popular video. :slight_smile: (my fans liked it almost 10,000 views)
Did better then @bestplayerintheworld video :no_mouth:



That’s because the Gorgon rocks.


if you have the heat one, then you truly stepped in ####


Im tagged, i like mate…
Liked the video, peeps keep mentioning it when i hang around global chat…

How long you gonna flex about that victory :joy:?


Im just showing that you are popular…
your welcome and thanks xd


I can use the physical one for certain, all I have for long range is frantic brute (unreliable), night eagle (shorter range and less damage, good for shotgun combos and to pull things into range, but two of them equals less damage and range overall than putting on a mighty cannon), and reckless beam (completely useless except for the range). It will bring up my damage by far and help pull things into my shotgun and tonto range. Electric orb is a little less useful because of its high costs, but, again, high damage and pull, more damaging longer range version of grim cobra. I have to agree about the heat orb, no resist drain, less damage than rockets, and very high heat cost. It wouldn’t even help hugger heaters since it can only pull things to 3 range. Still want it to finish the collection though.


You might be quite off with these values, 800$ barely covers your paint jobs :slight_smile:
Thats a lot of paint.


i want your physical orb xd