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Give me one mighty pls


I didn’t even know lmao

I got to rank 1 on Monday because I had a 3 day trip. Then I came back on Thursday night and did my daily 5 only. I was at rank 1 4 stars. Daily refreshed last night but I couldn’t be bothered logging in.

Saturday, I log in 15 minutes before season ends and I’m in #4. I waited for last minute and pressed Battle. Beat Laszeski and got #3.

1 battle was all it took LOLLLLLLLLL


the only thing that i can do for now




LUCKYYY. i have no L-M modules


I had 2-3 more UltraHot Protectors but fused them away when I was still new to the game…


big freaking oof. bet i can beat you on that tho. I fused away a rusty energy armor since i had no use for it :smile:


1 Rusty Energy Gorilla vs 2-3 L-M UltraHot Protectors…hmm…


Lol, i have that. Its really good to counter people using Desolation. (I pair it with grim cobra too.)


Ayy lmayo .-.

~~Book of World Records~~

From -talos-



Give me ur username and pass



because i m a scammer
now…give it to me



body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


Add trade pls


Farming with 4 accounts at once.


How many accounts do you have??


There are 4 of them. 2 of it is mine, the other 2 belongs to my little brothers.