- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


that is ultimate bellend-touching gey


that’d be Frawatuet


Tempted to check that lads builds now, hmm (was expecting you to name rising).


but rising wasn’t around for claw era

and you said both claw and triple bunker so I thought frawatuet


He was around for the claw era. Matthew I mean, he even had some WIP claw builds, based on his fathers mechs.

But yeah, I can see why, Frawatuet did build some tanky claw/bunker mechs




So this is what rank 8 feels like. oooOOooo.

And they said dual Savagery would never work!


@El_Metre man …


i know that those fortunes love me…
It is my 6th… giving it to you with all my heart.


Why … why does the game never give me one …

Altho i appreciate that you wanna give it to me


i am asking myself the same question regarding Red Rain… the only missing myth from my collection…


You want one for your collection ?
Or you plan on using it in PvP ?


contact the devs, maybe we get a nice deal like htk got, that allowed them to trade between themselfs :wink: .
Got the following dust collecting items : 2 magmas, 2 redockings, 4 spartans, 2 buldogs, 3 platplats(i never use more then 3), some claws, supremes, 3 of each protector, herons, brightroars, mortals… all up for grabs for whom want them.


Never, altho i have some builds in mind with it…
I want it to myth it, max it… and look at it… as my colection is complete. :slight_smile:
i even have a maxed myth repuler :joy::joy::joy:


Berserk said the trade thing was not real tho, he said he was joking

And your spares …

Give them to me, i’ll take care of them real good


Send dead meme I fucking dare you




Another dead meme

What will you reward me with, now that i did what you wanted me to ?



Forgetting something?



You dared me to say “Another dead meme” and i did