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Just finished my 5 minutes of dabbing none stop
My Head Hurts…

:cringe: :cringe:


I qualify for this too :slight_smile:


Ooh ooh, is this the qualifying round? Looks like I overshot


Don’t forget this too :

The heron is maxed now btw


Aww, I don’t qualify at all…


You would have qualified if it was a round of protectors :rofl::rofl:


This is a fantastic little minigame!!

Should I make a topic?


Why not
The forum needs more of these


i dont qualify for any of these


You qualify for 3 claws


if i’m triple bunker gay

astronolina is
triple claw gay


Triple bunker gay is "gay"er than triple claw gay



just because claw is in the norm



Claw is poop.

proceeds to fuse all four of his


yes that is true

but nobody likes 3 massive coc-- i mean bunkers blasting in their face, which is why bunkers > claws in geyness.


claws r 4 normies

bunker squad 4 lyfe

misfit and jake666666 bruthas


How about triple bunker claw monsters c: