- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


It’s called “you cant double overheat me lol”


I dont prefer cooling over heat :wink:


Your enemies will think you have low cooling because that low of a Cap means you have low cooling anyways (pretty common in low rankers)

If you have this, they’ll crap their pants lol


A story about 104 turns. хД


Damn … 2 L-Ms …
Tell me your secret


My bulldog just hit 462 damage recently, too bad it’s on the last turn so i can’t screenshot it.


Im so lucky af


how did you get 9 bonus tokens


Flexing on them repair kits!


i has windforg wat do nao 09%20PM


Now do this.



Different game lol


Just got my 5th UltraHot Protector, but now I have 2, time to get the other 3 back

Fortune box btw


dam i need one of those


I honestly have no use for this as of this moment


keep at least 3

more is better but you like to fuse things lol


That was before all this Triple magma, Res is OP thingy…


Just a quick flex:

And we are one member short.Also,it’s not tje end of the season,when,generally,everyone reaches their highest rank.


gib BTB to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

@WinzKay my request was sent. So probably soon:tm: