- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -






Wow! Great catch!!!

That’s one of the things I don’t have and really want XD


1 recko for claw and abom ?
jk :slight_smile:


I wonder what it will be :v?

PUM! 2 premium items and the best :V
thanks :V


ah yes
fortune box always give some good shet


I burn so much that I can take the place of a dragon :V


That’s so good :heart_eyes:


Yes, yes, farm madboy they said. You will get tons of legendaries they said. I got all my l-ms from fortune boxes they said. Ya know, am I am at about my 800th run through madboy (yes I count them) and I am still getting rares from Every. Single. One. I dont know what you guys do different, but fortune boxes have NEVER dropped legendary for me.


He really does. I fight against him very often. Nearly every day in arena.
We are equals :slight_smile:
Greet him from me ^^
Speaking of Rikimaru



oh HEck yEAH


i flex my maxed reckoning lolol


i still wants one


I flex this weird build, which works surprisingly well.


oi danchou

wtf is this


is it a flex if I still come to this site expecting good memes and leave disappointed? uwu


well, it’s true I haven’t been posting many memes :wink:


Post moar, so I can judge ye c:


Huh, I just witnessed a pfp change…


:eyes: me being a picky bish uwu