- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


what are you talking about


Wait…is that not the Ultra box with the 3 legys thingy?..looks like it


it’s for todays offer lol


Oh shoot…


EXP earned +50


Best rank update


You can see at the bottom-right of the screenshot the date and time


Second mech has over 2k hp now too! (Yes, I know, not very impressive, but it makes me happy)


2 times zero really down, still not repair pff

I think I will stop playing titan


@El_Metre @_DANIEL_HD @11_11 @L3x
I see yooou


Just mythed this thing :slight_smile:


admin ignored the titan problem since 6 days and
he’s talking about something else bullshit

so it’s finished playing titan

I can not do anything, I’m sorry friends


Now you need 18 Million more to reach me. :blush:


the wins I could do in 2 days lol


Holy F***

here we go bois
just need a tonto to complete my physigay mech
going to use dat rapid destrucction on my goat mecc


Ive done the 1v1 campaign 100% including all side missions :stuck_out_tongue:




I laugh then I look see further


I discover movie,
a little like supermechs



The most active member of my clan

He get +400 every week without smurfing