- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Not so much, i need your second vs, thx XD


If trading was a thing :eyes:


If trading was a thing i would like to get a WindForge.


My Mech 1 year ago

My mech now


b-day box opening, Devs, u should give me a b-day token gift for being one of your main buyers


Hey look a kraken




Energy and Heat Protect. If possible I’ll take the Energy Storage Unit too lol


I sent message to the admin, nothing answered since 2 days

can be the impossible repair ?

What all that pff


I don’t remember who suggested blue marble drone, but it does look pretty damn good


Yeah, i give them to you, not using them right now XD


Wait a bit more, or remember them again, they forget the players sometimes…


Pretty sure he just saw the heat bomb and ran :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for Flexing my 2 Legendary drops from 2 Premium Boxes…


No Problem
Today im going to go for rank 3 again






Shotties, Yeet


Kebap side of me is heppy.


Our highest rank to date!


I have entered your guys realm, i might start going back to top clans, havent decided atm

EDIT: I could have gotten this 3 months ago but im a COD player, i need my daily share of kills