- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Nothing new mate. 12 maxed, 1 still in the box.



already less than 100k and
I can finish against titan


What happened after?


not finish


Well, flex for NekoRikka cause she kill 7 star titan without any help!)


blocked grr


not normal, disgust
2 times blocked



B u t … this way your clan friends cannot get more Clan Coins :exclamation:



I believe 500+ if not mistaken

Or 999+



ALso its been a while since I heard from you. I now dropped to Rank 5 because of new items ;-;


that poor titan…

now i know the real reason dinosaurs went extinct


Ty well i got it early this season cuz of my New energy mech
Hope to meet u in arena soon :smiley:


Hey cyanine long time bud
Ty even u dropped to r5 now i’m pretty sure u still can win me and other top players


first stable 1 million gold on @-talos-

huzzah for me


I c ur New acc got a lot better
Claw,sorrow, 1m gold
Good job on it


Give me your maximum protectors, my dude




What the hell is this ???
This 140k is just today he didn’t play yesterday against titan



Never realized how good paint makes everything look…

Indirect Magma and Claw flex :ok_hand:


I only want that goat perk