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Back to the beginning bois

as you can see

welp…gonna try harder next time


But you did it once… this means you’ll have no problem getting there again.

Happened to me with Rank 1… impossible to get it for weeeeeks… but once I got it one week, I got it every week


just maxed this btw


@Darkstare why you gotta ruin me


You’re in 12th place, who’s in 11th? :thinking:


It’s always been a bug , all people will be shown 1 place extra from their actual position
You can check it while claiming the reward :wink:


Ayy @Lordcurzon

Next time go heater first xd


Only if i had chosen my heat mech first …
Good match nevertheless



Gosh , those plates made my stomach growl





he has more hp
you lose

of course i’m joking :slight_smile:


Got this from a fortune box that I farmed from Bigboy.

F2P all the way!


How in the world did you manage to hit 1000kgs?


Jesus Chirst


kek :wink:


Jesus Christ

Unfortunately mostly elecs will try to corner you. Still, just for the sake of 1000kgs, totally worth it.


Any teleport is better than none at all… especially when it perfectly fills up the spare weight.
That build sits in my “test builds” team for a reason… I won’t put all my plates on just single mech But 3 plates on my own build are perfectly fine xD





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