- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


It’s been a while since I flexed this boi :sunglasses:


I bet you did not even looked at the kraken


You would be correct in thinking that.


Plat plat mythfood for sure

don’t kill me pls


Damn you re lucky XD
Those all my dream weapons XD


Highest score I ever had :b


Nice kraken.


Agreed , Kraken is soo good that i’m completely going to ignore the fact that he got 2 L-Ms that i need soo much


It might just those mishaps…
My highest rank is 12 and my inventory look like this

Beyond those… my OOFED modules


spartan carnage in rank 12…


I am speechless, I am rank 10 got one maxed myth and still haven’t got spartan, so how… how?


luck :stuck_out_tongue:
My first legendary is the face shocker.
I guess spartan carnage was maybe the third.
Ask my flaming grappling hook. (or sparkling rollers. Or rolling beast.)

I HAD the claw, but I never get the 0 movement, so I feed it :clown_face:

And I also had a legendary Snack before, probably feed that to FS

DAMN, my module SUCK. Explain.

Most of the time, Any legendary item just feels OP compared to any epic items
Mythical … not so much

NOW that I need to get 10M coin and max everything


YET I dropped from 14 to 15 today

What the hell.


weird flex but okay



I had guys with MYTHICAL malice beams and red rain and torsos(half of them have mythical torsos) showing up
I didn’t even max any of my legendary yet…
What the hell.
What I did win against, however, is energy mechs that are not equipped with mythical parts. And full-epic physicals.

I’m still waiting for the avenger and nightfall to show up…


avenger why avenger i dont recommend that torso


I need a torso for my physics.
It’s not the best, but at least it’s better than REVERANT


I flex this incredible offer I got!


Hmmmmm it looks like that archi got mythed

If you have maxed legendary everything, will everything turn into myths? That’s a good offer then