- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


what’s ur rank :confused: ??


rank 10.
i got 50 wins that week. and i still got kicked. and there were rank 13/12 players in the clan.
also we are going off topic.


are you kidding me ?? players are rank 4-9 if you don’t believe you can ask @WinzKay


there were rank 11 players there.
did they get kicked?
also exact reason i got kicked please.


where are rank 13 players ?



thats right now.
there used to be someone rank 11 here. stg dark lord or whatever his name was.
and your alt was rank 13 but i wont count it in.
(and now this topic will get closed because of me. yey.)


if you want to talk more pm me


But i dont want energy mech.

Dont need flex~


first pack nothing but second XD


My first good legy from premium box!

At least it wasn’t a legy Kraken… still wanted it to be abomination.


Kraken is the official meme legendary.


Just a question, why do E-L items like Kraken exist? What purpose do they serve in this game besides diluting the drops from prem boxes, packs, and fortune boxes?


So lower ranks who don’t have the good stuff can use it


But E-M items aren’t too hard to find though.


It’s just another torso in the game… people can choose to use it if they want to or not


got yesterday XD


Why you did that :cry:


How do you know he did it?


F2P Rank 12 Flex



I have got 3x maxed the claw so decided to fuse away those 3. Someone fusing the claw, someone resists, another one plat plats :wink: