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can you guve me some of that gold ?


The data type (the way the game stores a number) of the gold count is a unsigned short
Unsigned: From 0 to 4,294,967,295
So you had 4 billion to go before it turn back to 0. You are safe.

I want some of it

Well not really. I can just farm bigboy.


how much? milion , 2 ,5 ?


32 integer limit?kk


Supermechs use type unsigned short on the gold count and token count


maybe 5 are enough :smile:


You do programming? lol
what language? assembly? c++? java? python? html? javascript?



just watching some random stuff on yt


i got u a brother mpv :smiley:


Give me 3 you don’t use -.-
I have looking for just only one for over 8 months!!!


I had 3 items I want to transform: (night eagle, heat point, and terror cry).
I need to find 1 avenger.
I also have 13(jeez) legendary items I need to max: (malice beam, corrupt light, savagery, hysteria, Spartan carnage, war hammer, night eagle, terror cry, face shocker, heat point, naga, brutality, avenger).
I have 11(oof) epic items to max (heat bomb, hot flash, crazed repeater, headhunter, 2 energy engine, 1 heat engine, 5 plates.)
I have 10(heck) rare items I need to max:(3 dual heat module, 4 cooling booster, and 3 energy booster)


Drop list (only legends):

Shitty luck…



what the hell is this ?

i fought this guy 2 times in arena
first time he deal me with his frantic like 481 + 563
second it’s here


mega luck
btw why you kcik me from your clan?


Look at his name lol… Xd. :rofl::rofl:


i don’t remember but maybe you didn’t reach required wins


Hahahahahah i didn’t see it


i got 50 wins…
more than what you said (which is 40 wins)