- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


MYth food :slight_smile: :smiley:


Another one .-.



and yes…i never learn from mistake
curiosity gonna kill me


110 heat cost deal with it
(well it isn’t that 110 that costs, but it kinda do…)

The holy legacy (beside armor destroyer)

seems like that flaminator is new


r u talking about devastation swarmer?
correct me if wrong i m


I don’t know, most things of it is legacy
Such is the “frantic brute” shaped … ???

The ???

The desolation swarm? (decent stats)

and the ???


it’s called metal shredder
and the top weapon that you highlight is wipeout mk4 and generator?idk

brain.exe is not responding
Edit:the second top weapon is electric discharger


I loved that weapon :exclamation:


It was a “must have” 4 years back :exclamation:




first time get 2 legys from a fortune
i guess those 2 r myth food but i’m still happy :slight_smile:


One single fortune!
That’s some REAL good drop rate …
Even though they may be myth food, they are not that bad (still useful, but if you are stage where you regularly collect myth food …)

I thought that’d pop up from a box, but perhaps I am wrong.
Anyway, bye bye little boy …


i’m still happy cuz now i need 1 more myth food to transform my next mythical


The fourth picture is safe shot or sure shot
still confuse with the name


I had 3 spare transform relic collecting dust …

Wanna look at some of it?

@muhd_boci It’s fine.


yea sure


kek :v


You won’t believe the quest Tacticsoft throw at me …

Stuff on my alter of mythicals …
I am using that blazing leg (because my current leg is maxed epic. no heat rollers ToT)
But other than that …

The quotes I used refers to the Skeletron Merchant in Terraria, where he had this quote: “You would not believe some of the things people throw at me… Wanna buy some of it?”


Nice mythfood :lenny:
And…don’t forget to use the interceptor for your mech :v


u transformed that brutality to legy for myth food or for ur mech ?


I swapped interceptor for brutality
Legs …
I can use my sizzling rollers but the leg had slightly better stats (one less range of movement, as always)

DUH interceptor…


say bye bye to f2p gold
going to spend all of it now