- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Oh crap, he’s gonna wreck some asses!

Also, that works better with a Phys Mech tbh, a type that counters Energy mechs (works REALLY well)


Gonna max the counterpart soon(mpv)


Took us 3 seasons but we finally reached our goal of 1000 wins.

Our rank is also climbing very nicely.

Next goal, top 100!


Actually,there are a lot of things I could use this with.Although I asked for help not so long ago,the new setup is still under development.


Yeah, I was one of the helpers.


If anything,I am 90% sure this will be it.


Yeas, but change the phys mech.

More HP = More stuff that are good to the bones


I just got a sweetie. Why are sweeties so good? They can’t even do 300 damage


and yes…i m a free2pay player


Yeah and? A good part of the game is f2p man .-.


Play for 21 days and get a free prem pack card…
Sweetie is good because they don’e need energy (and look cool)


Just 2 words … “sweet” & “Ultrakill” …

bestplayeroftheworld vs ElMetre

18 : 4





Drop from “15” chest (from arena)




But that chest normally don’t drop legendaries, so I’d just regard this as a “lucky” epic drop.
But nightfall is epic …
We just got some food to make my aniliation mythical.

Does a mythical aniliation look any different from a legendary one?

Perhaps I should follow my tradition of opening the worst cards…


No, annihilation looks about the same except the barle is longer.


Then I’ll use that to myth the aniliation …
After legendary my terror cry first.


oh yeah


Youre late


xD yeah ik i had work so yeah :slight_smile:


Free to pay?
Those vests are rather rounded (less … specialized heat / electric vests)