- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -




WTF he has only 600 hp left I hit he with axe and 1 ngiht fall he has 80 hp left WTF
EDIT: why his leg looks so weird


I need dat vandal rage


Every people have CLAW!!!


no claw gay


No claw gay x2 .-.



2ab, rip your legs…


I’m more concerned about his leg…


Finally after more than 17 battles

I collected all 5 wins… :cry:
Yeah feel so great
I losed more than 12 times at least


You do realize you’re stuck at rank 4 now. Good luck with that.


Haha .-.


ayy lmayo .-.




Ran up to Ramboy …


So THAT’s brutality. So small…
Don’t worry, you will be GREAT


Headless … mech?

(you can still see the “hair” of brutality there…)
NAH! That’s the wires for CL
Now all of a sudden I decide to not rush down the line (to L the brutality) …
It’s so small that the rollers seems to be smushed together and the savagery appearing to be at the middle of the mech

Can’t hit what you can’t see … :slight_smile:




I just realized I upgraded it one level too far ;-;


Now 6:57 am, just wake up guess what?
Fuel haven’t full XD


2ababy this is not a flex but this in the general discussion to make winz waste money.


Why? I flex my fuel after 1 night
Btw did you recognize your post is not a flex too so sut up and don’t judge me

WTF? Waste? @winzkay?


Everyone gets energy.