- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Now just wait for her, talking about “honor” and other self and clan defensive stuff.

I’d say just let it go and forgive, because the more you give her some form of attention (even if that means just a tiny joke about her and her clan) will trigger her. It will look bleak that she may even stop.

I know you would want to stop but also want to make her feel what being called “like that” feels, sure, it’s your doings.

btw how would you rate her new mech? :thinking:

Edit : I see you peeking over there… Avoid this.


I helped my Clan friend Jr a little bit so he can have the better jump up to Top 5 …
(really great “Overkill” Jr, well done :+1:t3: )

and here something strange, someone went for a loss-streak record and he managed to get it …

@lordgorgon you were 1 battle to late, to help this player about :exclamation:




A solid 8, on the first and a solid 9 on second.
Those are good builds, rounders with good potential and lots of utilities, both are vulnerable to energy mechs.
Yep, i know what you mean by trigering.
But at the same time these have to stop, this cyber bully thing has gone long enough, and to bully smaller players, and harass, and insult doesnt go with me.
You push others, i will come and push you.
Will always stand on the side of those that are beeing bullied, and i will always confront bullies.


bestplayeroftheworld vs ElMetre

17 : 4

I am happy about :exclamation:





Will reply in 14 hours when I am at a computer


Me on August 18th 2018

Me now


you dont see a perfect 100 everyday.


Strange, couldnt battle today yet. Also been ages i couldnt beat the rabbit.


Looks good.
But needs resist.
Once you myth and max them modules, you will need just 3 of them on the Zark.
Thus you will be able to put some resist.
Also, if you happen to find some scorghing legs, use those(mythed and maxed)


Pfff so this is like:ooo you posted a pic of you beating me… Damn i can t beat you, so i will ask my gang for a pic xD


Damn you.


By the way…

yea :bbbbbbbbbbbbbb


ill look into that


I’ve been here before…



I remember you liked for that post :thinking:



No seriously, I’ve actually been here before.


Love ya Gorgon :heart::heart:


Not you bro…


Honestly though …
Me beating you is once in a blue moon


Youd deserve more. A heat res and im a goner.
All good with the loss bro worry not.

But by all mean i do have to complain about being flex material. On the principle that is.