- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Only if i could do that :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I shall open the way. Counting onnyou to watch my back bro. Of course you can…


You play the Data Wing?


Ayy Lmayo .-.


BTW I want you to try a build @lordgorgon , will you ?
It is very similar to your twin boyos , but has no range issues


Oh yeah. Missed a day of raid, or it would of been higher.



Nope pope .-.


Looks good, but i dont have the chaos bringer thing… is it consuming energy?
Low hp makes me feel unsecure


Unfortunately , yes , it does consume energy …
I regret fusing 3 of those b4 they got buffed


Torso is a good idea though. Never gave it a shot.


Works well for people who have plats coz of its low weight
If you have extra slots for plates , then try it


Im already using 4 slots for plates


Then you probably cant try it …


Just tested , if you keep the module layout same and swap torso for nightmare , you can add a repulsor , a hook or charge , and a teleport for ~250 less hp
Like attack launched


Nightmare doesn’t sound that good.


It’s one of those reasonable LIGHT(very light) torsos around that can reach myth straight.
At least compared to intercepter…

Although lightweightness is a good thing, you quickly realize that 8 slots is insufficient to meet any sort of demand (energy engine, heat engine, plates, res) and so … yeah.

If there are 10 slots, they (C-M jet torsos) are perhaps the best torso (since you can have 3 plates, 3 energy engine, 3 heat engine, and a max res.) Their lightweightness will have more significance.
But as of now (8 slots), they are only viable if you want more modules or weapons


Don’t forget about the weight limit


I like your arrows you made, very simple, but they work :exclamation:




When your lousy second mech actually wins…kinda


After many of these, still not fixed :

And a huge amount of spam invites…we know how those are.
Somebody actualy mustered the courage to step into the arena with me :

You can guess the small talk that accured during the match : the traditional “L…R LUL…” “HA HA HA… L…R LUL” etc.
I dont usualy flex these petty things, but since others like so much to do it to others… they should feel how it is done to then.