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Smh winz is such a n00b.


Ikr, I was starting to get good at the game but his n00biness rubbed off on me and now I built a mech using physical, heat and energy.




I ask myself that regularly.


Hmmm I remember differently lmao


Ready 2 Farm .-.


… 5% only?


Lmao just 5% at max level. TS is really greedy.


800 arena coins for 5%…
Totally worth .-.


It K


When you get it, don’t boost it lol


Just got it ima make it level 25 for 10 tokens.


IT literally does nothing even if you level it up lol

Just stays the same


well 10 tokens




Why don’t you upgrade the epic version teleport for 10 tokens? :thinking:


if ya think about it 5% is still a lot

do 2v2 madboi and u get a free item box every 5 rounds. so basically u get 20% more item boxes in a way


I don’t have an epic teleport.


Happy 18K views on the F L E X T R E A D


i think this the number one topic lol