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This thread is making me jealous. Better close it because that’s what we do, amirite?


When I close to lose he left such a great person :cry:


trust me now a regret it, all i see now are rank 1 players
but ir proves im not the big bad troll under the bridge


You still a great person :v


funny thing just happend to me and a friend

someone send help, where traped


Wanna 1v1?, if so meet me in English Global


Sure :b
Ye I won :b


where is the 1v1 lol


So my pc thinks its funny to turn off as soon as i get a easy win ;-; i know what would make good yt content, throwing this computer off a bridge
on that note if i do so i wont be online for a LONG time


Sean u there?


think he is gone, was trying to talk to him in chat and he said 2ab u there then left XD


yeah its me Xsparky btw


who wanna see my inventory


sure, if u need build help fell free to ask me also :D, i will also show my inventory


ok thx bud

rest are just epics


u suck




can any one give me tips with this mech


more heat, if someone swiches to a heat mech then uses heatbomb your gone


im in silence right now