- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


I finally did it…


Congrats mate. Very well done. Keep at it.


Thank you very much, good sir!


Nice, see you the Arena Knight


Flaming flex.


Dang it
Guess what?
He won :v


we need a deflex thread for you
this thread isnt for posting losses and bad drops,this thread is for good drops and wins.


Today i beat @Rovolution. Got me some usefull points. Nice


It took me 1 hour and near 100k gold
But at least I got those :smiley:


My best flex ever.

Beat it.




Flex from my brother

A little bit off-topic

I’m not sure what this mean :v


compre en la tienda un premiun pack con las monedas de clan y me toco esto :confused:

no me meresco esto mundo, aaa :frowning:



estoy chetado


This thread is making me jealous. Better close it because that’s what we do, amirite?


When I close to lose he left such a great person :cry:


trust me now a regret it, all i see now are rank 1 players
but ir proves im not the big bad troll under the bridge


You still a great person :v


funny thing just happend to me and a friend

someone send help, where traped