- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Talking about that, i fought you today, very nice Mechs buddy… Remember me right?


I have no idea what youre talking about mate. What pedestal? What joke? What stay away? im friendly talking with Trafy, nothing to do with you.


Still can’t play :v


Mobile or PC? Cause on PC i can play normal.


I can’t even login in my forum account I need 5 hours just to find the way to login :v


Cleared cookies and cache?
Tried another browser?


Umm yeah I do it like 15 times.


Then send one PM to @Berserk40000 or @Smirk… Most probably the one who help you can be @SilverBox.


I wonder why Sm be this?

nah don’t need them… It just a normal 400 error I accident do something and made this even worse…(about my forum account)


Its like this because of a attempt of ddos.


Thx, you also have some cool mechs mate


my game does not work still its say super mechs took to long to respond


One round titan flex.


SM works for me on pc and on phone


Funny how some try so hard to flex with a single win and/or a quit because of the wrong choosen row of mechs :exclamation:

But self not able to win 1 single medal, not to talk about a Single Tournament win :exclamation:



P.S.: beside that the vs ratio is like 46:3 what makes it even more funny :exclamation:


Well did that medal saved you from my mechs? Nope xD

Keep your medals and i will keep winning xD
And don t forget that you got scared by a f2p xD and you are a p2w,idk, pay more, you may win if you do so

Our last 4 fights were on my side as i remember, and i beat you before few times, but well, if that let you sleep xD


Your logic fails :exclamation:


I won most of ALL players at SuperMechs :exclamation:

I won most of ALL time at SuperMechs :exclamation:

I also won most Single Tournaments 2018 :exclamation:

So there is only one who cannot sleep well, dreaming of a tournament win :exclamation:



Cause everyone has sm dreams mhm xD
That s a bit weird… XD

Great use of past tense xD


You cannot talk it bad, doesn’t matter how hard you try :exclamation:



Don’t mention it, it might make her medals melt all over the floor :joy_cat: