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Wait… -.-
Where :b


It’s a joke :roll_eyes:









there should be a subscribe feature here.


It’s incredible. Supermechs is broken. From a premium box, a day seven reward no less, got a legendary.

Update: It’s power bottoms. Free food.


First time at rank 14


3rd Legendary in a row for a premium box.



Also this happened:

And I still got the items to make 4 more mythical (AND UPGRADE THEM to level 30). This is what happens when you quit the game for a couple of weeks but still farm on your down time, so when you come back you get the satisfication of achieveee


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Hey, it’s been a while now, we can leave the past behind.


Stop or you will get a permanent ban headed your way. I heard they taste almost as bad as tide pods…


ahh who cares. let bygones be bygones. As long as it doesn’t reoccur


Why don’t I get notifications anymore?


cause I didn’t reply to you but to flex thread


i have most topics auto set to watching, so i see everything :smiling_imp:


Wait, why?


I just need more gold


LOL, you hate me because i talk the truth to you and you don’t like it?


Lol, i have ultrahot, supercharge and max in less than one year :smiley:


second legendary n a row f rom a premium box :package: