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Give it ago, Mercy is great…up to 433 damage already


Tis of beauty



i wish i did that…damnnnnnnn…


Ok…here we go


Nice mechs…


uggg my weakness :frowning:


My concern is going up against other phys…I have zero arena buffs for phys and no phys resistance…


Wow! Are you serious? I’m really surprised to hear you say that. Welp, it looks like you’re going to be busy working on your phys arena bonuses.

Hey, on the bright side, I’m on the same boat as you when it comes to arena resistances, all zeros. I wish I could buff them up but I can’t afford to when I got all the other bonuses to pump up too.


lol u could have zero buffs in phys dmg and phys resistance and still faceroll me :frowning:


I took a heavy break from pvp to try and really fine tune my builds with what I had. Trying to get synergy with 3 energy builds took some serious time and effort. So I wasn’t gaining a lot of arena coins. I recently returned to pvp and getting my minimum 5wins a day. Here’s my big question. How well will my phys hold up against rank 1-4 phys? And was/am I better off going back to a energy based counter…I can tell you this…without arena buffs and phys resistance, I doubt I stand a chance


Man, I can’t believe you intentionally skipped earning arena coins. I’d be derank so hard if I did that. And yes, you’re way behind on the phys arena bonuses. It’s going to be rough.

Other than that, it looks like you’re good to go. The way I see it, as long as your phys isn’t anti-phys, I think you stand a good chance coming out alive with a combo phys. :man_shrugging:


Ummm…it was a strategic decision based on my situation(my break and major retune started when the emp nerf went down). If I’m going in the arena, and it would take me +10 matches to get my 5 wins…something would be terribly wrong. Before my break, It was challenging to maintain a rank 4…since my retune…Im currently rank2…it was a smart decision on my end and I recommend it to anyone…don’t misread my arena break as not doing ANY pvp…I was just doing 3 or so matches a day to test my builds as I went along


Well, it works for you. Then all is good. Ah, at least you were earning some arena coins then, not a total loss.


Trust me…I’m totally making up for lost time…


I bet. Anyway, I hope the best for you. Good luck man! :rainbow:

And may the force be with you, dark one! image


Match 1

Match 2


I’m disappointed in you cyanine
As your son, you have embarassed me




(Unless it’s a horrible mismatch, stupid counter build world)


I need an Ash Creator so I can abuse campaign mechs


I have 2 and am currently not using either…I would give you one if I could…seriously)