- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Sure! Everyone has something to flex, even if it’s not the biggest. :wink:


Good to know what a flex is. Thanks



Just because the last one is starting to get old and I got to admit that I’m not beating this punk often enough!

The fact that beating this guy is worth flexing proves that my friend @lordgorgon might be the best and most consistent top 5 player out there!


wait what

No offense to the guy, I actually thought of quitting


Nice, You beat Frawatuet with 800HP spare…GJ


We got to feed from small things. In that battle i satisfied myself destroying that annoying elec build :joy:


Rovolution has an Energy build? :no_mouth:


Yes he does


Would you believe me if I said that this was the first time in arena that I was scared?

I was down by 1100 hp total and managed to pull off a win XD


We all were once scared in arena.


continue-ation from this flex:

almost rank 2 on a sunday night (sunday night for me) not too shabby for me


Why did you replay to yourself…


I was continuing my flex


Get yourself any salt?


I’d be expecting some: Look at the hp difference





Why the axe?? :thinking:


Only got a bulldog last week, mythed it but haven’t maxed it due to other projects… tbh I wouldn’t know how to fit the bulldog or ditch the axe due to kg problems…


Youd be fine without range 1 weapon…


@DarkJailu and I talked builds and he recommended no melee and to add a last words but that still resulted in overweight

@lordgorgon my overall plan was to wait for another bunker, ditch the melee and have a triple bunker layout and see how it goes. Weaver is for the time being