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Before this closes again:

I finally got Bulldog!

My unlucky/lucky second account


At this point, I’d be happy to get any premium Item, even sparked runners @_@.


Now create the Bulldog + 2 Bunkers + Grim Cobra build lol



you know it baby


Wait… Sparked? I thoight Claw.


Just the layout. Once I max cobra and bulldog, I’ll worry then.

I’m also trying to think of a way to incorporate LongShocker


You cant actually. That isnt a long range mech.

Dont want it? Stick with original and just add bulldog


That’s what I was thinking



Ill help you… Later.


Insta quit
Maybe she took wrong mechs


i need that level of energy, and heat
and do both of you have the claw?


This is my arena award. There must’ve been an RNG mixup or something. This has to be a fudjsjicajdkuijg joke. Are you fucactuallhsjking kidding me??


This is amazing lmao


Flex my relics




A new phys is arising :wink:


WTF, my new account is rank 15, just got the box for arena and got 2 LEGENDARIES, WHAAT!!!


Just Found my Second Sniper:)



my luckiest silver box, 4epics:)