- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Two days ago I dropped a platinum plate. Kek


D…dropped? I hope you mean you got one and not fused it away?


GG dude, not as rare as they use to be


I just got it from an arena box, but only a guy with like the IQ of a potato would food it xd


Just cause im irish XD

No, i didnt rlly fuse it away, Yet…


not everyone is blessed by rngesus.


I’d say it’s a curse


Omg, get out


Omg, I got one out of an arena box too.

But, the screenshot is deleted on my PC. I have to go dumpster diving in some PMs and in this thread to find it.




Heat is still around?
Nice win mate.

Lost to one of your bois earlier… good to see power doing well.


Thanks for support man, i really appreciate it :smile:


@Chlorophyllic why did you instaquit our fight? ‘-’


What rank are you?


Wrong mech choice, sorry about that. But I know a lost cause when I see it XD. Wouldn’t have stood a chance, not when my elec counter is shredded by your Phys.
Otherwise I would have fought on, but that was a no win situation.


Btw, nice heat mech, was thinking if i would win against with my phys anti-heat :joy:


Thanks, but you were sure to win! That one isn’t built to overheat anti heat phys. Lacks the heating capabilities, even if it does have two magmas.
may have stood a chance with my anti heat heater, but ideally your Phys would have faced my Phys.




Login box? i got mine from fortune :slight_smile:


after getting a new account from a friend… i now have the spartan carnage and burning shower. account is pretty messed up atm but im working on it.
at the moment i only have c-r cooling modules and c-r electric modules. so i am working on getting engines.