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@Davuci is the name of my main, I am running out of replies!


Only 31 replies and you can’t reply anymore??


The reason there is a like limit is because some people would abuse the like system and make an alt, then proceed to like every single post that they made to make themself look good.


The account needs to be moderated by a mod. That’s why when I made mine, I couldn’t come on for a few weeks. I thought I got a flag or something and I was like “wtf I didn’t even post yet”


.prune 12

Oh wait, this is not discord…




it’s purge


.purge 14



There are 2 commands for this, and maybe more, but they are from different bots :wink::wine_glass:



Wow :smiley:




I bet ya anything that lightning scope would do 2000 with the opponents energy at 0.



It doesn’t match Falcon in any way.

Most players use it when they have a chance which is mostly when the opponent has full energy due to the mech switching out. so no. Lightning scope goes by original damage

You bet anything, you ssay??? :smirk:


Nah you lost the bet. Lightning Scope can only reach 1200+ Damage without nega-res.


But can falcon match against this???



Why is this still being used.


why not

Also, can anyone buy this mech for me and what does it look like? :thinking:


.99 cents… Hmm… I will just go to the .99 cent store across the street.