- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Got this from a new account!


Arena prize :smiley:


nowhere near a monster…
double corupt is never good because of the weight,why would you have 2 vandals,terror cry must be replaced with abombination,why would you use the phys hammer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…
that energy stat is so bad.


flex on


now max it and watch the 1000+ dmg it will deal.


ikr it does so much damage


Most of the hits it did to me was around 600-700 dmg :joy:


3rd MVP, Anyone wanna trade?


I’ve had 4 LPV and 2 MPV and another 2 MPV on my second account on my 2nd day of playing.

The drop rate for these PV’s are ridiculously high


And somehow i got 3 mighty cannons and 2 crimsons smh


And I have no hysteria :confused:


Imma flex my picture of a chicken


Max reply count? Lol




Check @Davuci2 ‘s profile!


Oh…I doubt he reached Max Reply Count, heck I doubt there even IS a Max Reply Count


New users apparently have limited reply counts each day.


What in the world…so stupid like the LIKE LIMIT


Only my main one! I made this account so I could finish speaking to Adash! :confused:


What is your main accounts name?