- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -




i ma eat some popcorn and see how this goes
i agree because its jst spamming random pic of mech battles


It’s spamming but spamming is one kind of flex( flex images) :))))


You. Shush. You’re not helping. You’re spamming by adding unnecessary comments so please don’t type anything.


he gonna flex on me


If he spamming u can just flag him -.-


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But serious stop now.


i ma stay in the shadows and watch and yes i can be shushed now
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You’re just attracting him while spamming too


Calm down, just relax :smiley:





Funny, should I post all your insults and losts also here :question:

See …

bestplayeroftheworld vs trafalgar9999

27 : 2

(and the 2 only because game changed to a LUCK game, right mech row decides)

So I even didn’t took 1 screenshot about winning vs you … you are allowed thinking about why I did not :exclamation:




Just wonder how could u remember all…


I did not expect this to be here…


I have to correct it, it is now …

28 : 2


P.S.: and 1st time I screenshotted it, will post is soon, how is that called now, a flex about a flex :exclamation::question::question::question:





Seems more like an oblique compliment to me:
“Look at that, I’ve beaten the odds and actually won against her!”
That’s what’s makes the win flex worthy, the difficulty of achieving the win.

Dear Salty People

Good joke… :clap: