- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


yes, and the easy when i dint have enough energy.


I dont like mechs with packed guns ahhhh.go easy on guns mate :grin:


I dont care about my guns yet let me max out everything then i’ll start taking things off, ok?


No that would badly damage you :confounded::confounded::worried:


When they give Tokens, they only give 50, and they send it in a Special Gift Box~



@AURAINTEGRA got 4 Additional Boxes for bug reporting, all of them were located in Special Gifts and contained 50 Tokens~


I like this


Best clan ranking so far


LOL i have to wait 13 more minutes before I get my likes back…


You can thank me, my ap sucks this season, hahahahaha


from which clan are you ??



Mech Corp :sunglasses:


Oh sh*t, look out @W.P.O.T.W

We gonna take your place

Also I’m going to be very happy if we pass Holy_Tablets. you wouldn’t like the history of it




I feel like joining just to overtake power


Perish or i’ll eat you


But can you even


I will eat potato bird