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Beat that SM losers

lol @Bruce0206


I’d like to post this flex as the official magma master. :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Note that he (A) started first and (B) has more health than me. His cooling was lower though, I’ll admit.

I can’t show the end since replays are broken. But I won the battle with a rounded phys, when his second was another triple magma.

feels good man


I’m so relevant.


The point is not at the number – the hammer does it.

My mech think he’s doing ballae …

These footage is from before I upgraded my night eagle (note it’s already legendary)

He’s probably just stretching. Engine is just a total zero


Flex on behalf of @grosboss


Two more likes on this post and i’ll get this
Edit : Just one more


Your drone just got very lazy lool


Your drone fell in love with the red drone lol


What is that…???


Is that BD ?


I think so.
There have no such thing in SM


finally hit rank 8


Almost rank 12 …
one star away
Don’t bullshit, matchmaker.


Went back to 14 …


i did it :)








New highest!


i feel like i fought you before.


I may have, I don’t recognize the name though


weird flex, I know, but considering he is rank 10 with a max protect and 2 platinums instead of two standard armors, I am very pleased