- - f l e x t h r e a d (t e m p o r a r y) - -


ok :v




that resist tho…


Lol yeah. 145/105 on the electric/phys counter


May as well
Story: I bought a pack so Winz would change his name, I bought it and got 3 Legendries, Winz jinxed me on getting a PP and here is the photo to prove it


Good on you. Here’s to another one in this season’s reward.


I do not agree with this thread.

Thank you @lordgorgon


@Smirk while you are online, can you please check what is wrong with this topic?:


@system stop button mashing, please and thank you.


i knew that topic would be locked again…


Flexing this madness. Out of fuel and just did an arena.