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I have Selfish Protector And Unreliable Guardian

Next Prem update, Backfire heat Drone…

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I am waiting for backfire energy free L-m Physical Drone
Might be tonight, proberbly not though

Look at how much she’s a beloved member of the community and how she’s honored to be basically the goddess of this game by yourself

You guys want me to tell you the date for the next portal?

Tell me when will the world will be crumbled into the ground due to global warming first , much more useful info



So I opened 2 packs in the hope of getting Selfish Guardian (even though I’ve got a maxed Selfish Protector).

First pack was awful. The only legendary was an Energy Mass Booster.

The second had only one legendary, but it was SOLAR TORCH! It might not be impressive for the top tiers, but it’s my first Solar Torch-class drone.

i got a platinum plating and the new drone from my first pack

What are you talking about? Solar Torch is OP @TheChingChangChungus

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yo solar torch is built fro top players wtf

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Well @DDark_515k you should know me by now, i always create an alt account and try to get that weapon.

i opened 8 packs and didnt get the new item, only 2 premium items

I flex This 100IQ play right here, Watch IT!

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So Close


Never have I thought of even getting close to top 100!

Emphasis of close


i flex my ability to never have a valentines day date

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You’re like 12

why would i be 12.

To be 12, you need to have been alive for 12 years

That is why you are 12

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