F I R S T (this is a shitpost)


Here I am, shitposting.


I remember seeing you around, welcome back!


When I said you should come back to the forums I meant to help cause chaos, but I guess this is good as well.


Hi and welcome bacc


I dont think this forum is gonna get anywere, its probably gonna be abandoned…

(Just gessing by past experiences in discord “Shitpost Forums”…)

Of course it will this was a shitpost, fool. I’ll probably be active on other forums. eh

ok! hey! dont need to be agressive!


Sorry, didn’t mean to be aggressive. More like clearing up my point in a very blunt way, which was rude.


its ok, no problem bro, i overpassed a little too, sorry!

Hey, can someone explain this to me please; What the frick are titan tickets for? i searched videos on youtube and found nothing, does someone here know what they are for?

Titan tickets are for unlocking titan battles, and each titan requires a different amount of tickets based probably on how hard it is. This probably is not the case and it’s most likely random. But you can get these tickets when a titan that requires tickets show up, and when you complete a mission that provides them, which are the “side missions” in campaign. Once the number is reached, you unlock the titan and can fight it.

and how much time do u usually have to beat a titan?

3-4 days, from what I’ve experienced

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Oh ok, thxs a lot for the info bro!

No problem, any more questions just ask me or one of the several “Ask _______ Anything” forums lol

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Since this is a “Shitpost” forum, yesterday, while watching random yt vids, i found… this… https://youtu.be/hLTgQ5SC-PU W T F

really cool and strange song if ya ask me


(just posting this to invalidate the person up there ^^^)


Because why not

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