Extreme Mechover!


man the color looks cool
but i wish it costed less… im out of TOKENS!!!
PLS lower the price of the cubes
also if you do pls give back some of the tokens (depending on how much the price was reduced)


do you have a print? wanna paint my energy one with storm…


NOPE. 20stupidcharacters


yeah i realized after using one
wasted 300 on my torso… at least it looks good


Question, keep money to finish of myth my mech or paint him?


dont waste on the paint yet


The storm looks nice on energy? wanna try :slight_smile:


it costs 300 tokens

not my proudest waist but… it looks good


True, i think its a bit too high for a paint, but since i dont put any money here, gonna collect the tokens for when i can make my energy mech full storm… the camo will use on the phys… sure will look nice :slight_smile:


Haha! I just realized the funny title: mechover = makeover. @Sarah, nice one! :rofl:


You’ll be like “those guys”… you know, the ones who drive around the fanciest cars but are such bad drivers :grinning:


Hmm… that seems more like a gazelle


I’m going to hold out for something that helps me look like more of a cabbage or for pink and black zebra stripes.


PossibleCabbage, more of a cabbage, you’re hilarious! You must love cabbages. :smile:


nice pants :fire::sunglasses:


Im no “bad driver”

Who knows, maybe the camouflage will reduce visibility, and other mechs might miss their shot…


10% dodge chance for camo skin


100% dodge chance cough ccocucoucuocuc


This better not be a limited time thing


This feels like : Should I sell a kidney to make my mech look like a giraffe? lol
No offence TEAM, but just too expensive