Extreme Mechover!


I have it on my goat torso… Now it doesn’t look like a goat… Is a giraffe…!!!


Real giraffes have long necks, get out with your imitation giraffe!




I wanted to photoshop the GOAT torso onto a giraffe’s head but then I realised I’m bad at photoshopping so I didn’t.

Insert giraffe with goat torso here


50-300 tokens just decorate mouahaha mdr


Hmm, let’s see…
Should I get the Storm Paint for one item for 300 tokens or should I wait for the next 20% premium box / pack sale to buy 1 Premium Pack granting me at least 5 epic items and if lucky up to 5 legendary items for 267 tokens and keep the remaining 33 tokens which could be used to color 6 items in blue and still have 3 tokens left? :thinking:

Hmmm, reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyy hard to estimate if 5 items of epic-legendary rarities or 1 single item paint is more worth in SuperMechs… :confused:

Well, I think I at least will keep the tokens to invest them in a Premium Pack during premium box / pack sale rather than get a single paint kit.
But I must say that was a reeeaaalllyy hard and heart breaking decision to make.

Btw. did I already mention that black is my favourite color anyway and it just so happens that you get your mech to have that color for free upon leveling the items to mythical level 50?
So for me I get my favourite color for 0 tokens by default.


Or you can robber the bank and buy everything you want))


Why not take part in a lottery, win several millions and buy my preferred 6 mechs - fully mythed and colored - from TS for like 1 mio. bucks directly?
That would work better and even be legal.


Let’s face it; the new paint is for the rich to show off their wealth. Tacticsoft priced it perfectly for them. :wink:


sounds like a plan, just need buy few millions tickets… and you know where you can get money for it))


yeah boi
Im gonna be the coolest physical in town (rank 6) for quite some time now



tho i still want an energy hammer pls… and a heat version of shockwave cause heats really need it



i only have one question… does the cube paint your whole mech?


man the thunder is TOO EXPENSIVE
all my tokens will go to waist…
oh well
if they change the prices later… i want some of my tokens back-




… a Giraffe :exclamation:

… without a neck :exclamation:




@Tacticsoft, new colors look great! However, please make more colors. Thanks!


i would also say make them a bit cheaper!
300 for 1 electric skin!!!


@Sarah247 great update, great new colours :exclamation:

Maybe the price is a little bit to high …

Lets calculate the price in $ to colour 1 mech …

with most expensive colour

6 Items * 300 tokens

1800 tokens

+30 $


@Sarah247 @Mohadib … 4 years back, we could full fuse 1 Mech for 30 $ :exclamation:

Isn’t that a little bit of pretty high inflation :question:


Maybe better to just colour my Charge and Hook :exclamation:joking