Extreme Mechover!



600 tokens well spent by @magicmech20


Sees new paint …looks at price…



me after every new update ^


okay now i may buy it for 300 tokens xD


Hey people
mind posting your mechovers?


Mechovers! I love it :slight_smile:


*Will post mine soon


You people are actually gonna buy this? lol


great, things i cant afford :smiley:




sarah plz can u make it less prize plz plz plz


Of course. These days I had a feeling I should save tokens for something. And here it is! Yay!




What about a plain silver kit like level 1 myth color?

Best look EVER!

10 tokens each kit though.


Probably my last post on this thread.

@Sarah247 make fluxeons’ dream come true



plz who ever can control the prices make it less




Thats like begging the supermarket to lower the prices lol


or u know what guys what about they do sales for it like the premuim boxes and packs ?


1000+ tokens
should I buy some paints?

emm… 4 storm paints or 6 uc paints or 13 giraffe paints or 27 pink marble paints :thinking:
or buy some premium box on sale and get some paints?
hope them can got in premium boxes

  • Yes
  • No
  • Buy when they lower the price

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