Extreme Mechover!


i’ve meant per pieces
i am sure some of the players would like to have their own exclusive paint scheme on their mechs…
as far as i know, vanity is the most profitable human instinct…:slight_smile:


Hm, to buy a mech color or ‘Premium’ pack? Decisions decisions…


Do it like
Let it cost
300T for pink
400T for giraffe
500T for Urban camo
600T for storm
But it will paint a entire mech instead of 1 part


I propose.


I agree with this idea.
Will help us level 150-ers here


Who knows what weirdos may put on their mechs, man.


i just wasted 50 fuel… i was expecting a gold portal…
lol okay… win some loose some.


A real stuff mate. Not dealing 200dmg. The elec one deals 1000+ dmg lmao…


wow it’s so cool but little TOO MUCH COAST


ok , is 201 dmg enough?


1000 seems legit. Legit let it be.


sarah u should make the coast less




But you need 2 turns to fire it.
(i.e walk or teleport then fire the damn thing)

But phys can do more than 1k damage with 2 turns , 2 nfs / 1nf and carnage + void.
No need for a phys scope mate :slight_smile:



(20 characters 20 characters)


and what about a goat paint?
time to build goat mechs :wink:


Go hit 1000dmg, when a heater or electrician hits you with a scope at range 8…


Im talking in general , not when he lands the nae nae scope


Btw, hiting 1000dmg per turn happens, but really not often… really.


300 tokens is too much for a paint
the should make the storm one 150 cuz every one want it now but they won’t buy it for 300 but 150 for sure they will