Extreme Mechover!


You just taged a wrong person lmao.

*Tag tactisoft *


I know that Yoyo, but I don’t wanna do it.


My storm mech


You should bring up some elc storm.

I want to die


That’s the best lookin’ one yet, but why 300 Tokens though? That’s overkill isn’t it?


i have 6 wapons on my mech
torso+legs+weapons=8 paintables
storm paint=300 tokens
so for a full mechover(only way it looks good) i need 2400 tokens


No drone? No love for the little guy that flies around doing the hard work…
Paint the drone too… dont be a cheap…


A guy I know spent 2,400 tokens on Name change, got anything on that? :joy:




2700 tokens for full mechover


weight wot
thats tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


Don’t take it serious. EL Metre & I are just jesting.


a cheap what
still you gotta pay 2700 tokens


Ehh? That’s the regular weight of most mechs, but not for beiginners.


what are you tallking about



970-1000 Weight is the average weight of Ranks 15-1, now you CAN’T possibly say you don’t understand it now.


i wrote weight wot as a joke (i am not funny)
if this is what you are talking about,i am anunfunny idiot,if not i am still an idiot


Now we just need to see giraffe in campaign.


Is it just me or is the color placement and intensity on some items odd? I’ve got a pink marble colored (epic) Zarkares with a big paint free area on the side and an epic Hurlbat that’s quite pale… @Sarah247


…and this Night Eagle is a bit pale, too…


Its made like that.