Extreme Mechover!


That is the best you can do. 300 tokens is 10 refills during the item portal. So this translates into about 6-10 legendaries. Ask yourself a question what is more worth your tokens: 1 paint module or 10 legendaries?


somewon give me 1000 tokens :wink: I haven 7 cause of using it for fuel


Why would you use it for fuel?


Level up more gold more stronger mechs :slight_smile:


umm…its ok



And people still stupid enough to buy these things.
The only thing I don’t understand about TS is that how can’t they realise that they could earn way more tokens if the reduce the price of this because people would actually buy it… like everyone if they cost like 20-50. Now only like 10-100 players will buy at the price of 100-300…
And I still think that the old fullfusion black looked waaay better than any of these paints.


nobody deos want to leave it lol



Hell yeah!


Hey people! Go to campaign! Mechs in campaign look really neat!


Ali ne igras tu igru xD


I didn’t quit :frowning:


Really? What’s new?


Also which level? I’m at OD6, but still looks the same “Solid-Red” color.





Of course.


Ahh, it kinda looks like the old Level 6-7 of items in “The good ol’ days” type of SM.


Yup. Mind showing me yours? your mech in campaign


My mech is a gold digger soo your eyes will explode.


I haven’t bought 1 yet, but I will buy Pink Marbling later.







Okay, now I have to admit that looks AMAZINGLY stylish, good job @SupermechsDevelopmentTeam.