Extreme Mechover!


It would be great if they gave away colors in the weekly rewards of the clan.


Also, why did they not add colours that we suggested ?
Like the lvl 1 grey for instance


I added that idea too

Colors aren t so important for most of the players,because most of them preffer to keep tokens for portals and sales

Now somes may say:free colors?ts will lose money in that way

Well,no,if they give one random color per week,players got to buy same color for a full mech,so in this way more and more players will buy colors

Both sides have benefits in this way,players will get colors,and they will spend more to complete their builds

And this will end “weekly rewards of the clans”
talks,because players will get something useful,just with viaual advantages

Anyways,new skins look great,but the price is a bit to high in my opinion,anyways,great update!


I never get good stuff from boxes anyway, so I decided I would be happier buying some sick camo for my mech- and I am lol


New politics of New TS team is : no free stuff (you could give the possibility to buy paints with golds but…)


Anyone used storm paint on myth rolling beasts? Curious what it’ll look like.


i only used it on zark torso
so far it’s lit


Someone please use storm camo on stormweaver


So, how is everyone liking the new paints?
i might buy 4 of the marbal pink paint
looks nice
but they are flipping exspensive
maybe if the colored the hole mech
that would be cool


lol not me im keeping myself f2p


Is it 300 for 1 piece or 300 for a full mech?


… for 1 item only :exclamation:



I don’t think it’s worth it to expensive


Agreed. If they want to make it so expensive, why not make it have spacial abilities, like +5%hp or +3res.


No. Bad idea. Wtf. No. No. No.




tbh just lower the price and give back tokens according to the new price


Well, if they ever do another sale on paint (I can recall this happening once) I imagine that will be fairly popular.


I’m guessing the storm camo looks lit on an energy.

I would find out for myself, but costs 300 tokens so I may have to wait.


storm one is relly the best one

camo doesn’t look bad at all too