Extreme Mechover!


Hey Pilots,
Just released NEW Paint. :paintbrush:
These new patterns will give your Mech some personality!
Go check them out and post your transformations below.
Get them now in the shop.
Have fun!!


Oh shoot! Now this is something I like!
Thanks devs! :+1:


okay… thanks!!
but no gold portal?


They cost 50-300 tokens…
Now I am sad…


OOoOooOoh, This seems like a Way to make P2W players to buy more tokens, Cause it’s 100% working


We still have a chance though!
Daily missions, raid etc. We can get tokens from those :smile:


Heck yeah!!

This instead of portal? COmpletely fine by me…

I wonder if the costs ruin it tho


No portal today. But we will have one this week. Don’t worry :slight_smile:


Where is everyone? Usually a News and Updates post will get swarmed in 2 seconds.


They are in Blocks…?? Just for show or to symbolise the fact that it’s for the FULL MECH?


i wanted a gold portal, not an item one… need more gold!!

But no problem, i will accept a portal… need more tokens that’s it


Can yall make it less pricy? thanks


I think it is for the full mech… so .


Although, I needed some great colours for my energy mech, this storm one fits well!


They work just like the other Color kits. One kit per item.
They are just too awesome to be contained in a spray canister.


Little quesiton , is this camo for the entire mech or just 1 part?

Cause if its 1 part only this is a scam honestly

ok wtf this is a scam


here is your answer.


see above :arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small:


nice :smiley: jashfdsdgffdsg


But this is very expensive.