Extra weight for mechs


The mechs should weigh at least 1,150


no … the title is deceptive, taking advantage of the title I propose a module that adds 30 weight, like painting, only comes in epic and you can only apply 1 per mech or something like that … it is better that naturalemnte be more weight , just do not cost tokens like this is not worth it, only the pay to win would benefit




1000 is enough
Maybe sometimes you can’t equip items,but you just need to know how to let them all fit in one build


It seems to me 1000 is enough.

Actually I miss are plates of different weights and capacities.

It usually happens sometimes I have 15 or 16 kg left and I dont have how to take advantage of them, among other things because I have all the slots occupied.

Plates of different weights and 1 more slot.






You are given 1k kilos to make a good mech .

If it were higher wed see 3k hp mechs with 4 bunkers and 2 valiants


Let me tell you one thing: less weapons, more modules.


inb4 10k hp mechs lmfaoooo


Actually my idea is to have 10 module slots instead of 8. So items like the cooling mass booster would be used more often. :slight_smile:
but 1000 is enough in my opinion



Because, the 1K promotes strategic mech building and prevents players just putting on every item (it makes it less RNG), so that players would not have 4 bunker shells, or if they did they have to sacrifice something somewhere. it allows players to choose what they value more (dmg, hp, res drain etc.) and make a build suited to it. 8 Mythical hp. 4 bunkers and 2 valiants.

Unless, it is a module. Then MAYBE.


The only thing that I would like would be a little tolerance of like 1-5 kg.
Like 1000kg being the official max limit but 1001 kg being possible like in real life when producers must guarantee a save max. workload but the products actually have some tolerance upwards for safety reasons or deviation from standard measuring of weight or so.
But it is not really neccessary. That would just be useful for cases like this:



that would be to much for op people they could equip every slot


seriosly some mechs would be sooooooooooooooooooooo OP


Just NO, learn to make your mech with limits and you’ll be very happy…