Exploitation of noobs

I never run out of arguments, because I do not LIE like you do :exclamation:

Seem that HardToKill kicked you out of the Clan hurt you that much that you cannot get over it :exclamation:

Serious ment advise : search for help

  • you got kicked out of the best Clan

  • you never were able to make 1 Single Gold Medal

  • you rant and accuse here in forum now for more than a half year


Read this facts and please search for H E L P, you really need it :exclamation:


Of course you never run out of arguments if you keep switching the subject to when Wepwawet left or got kicked out of HTK.

What we want an answer on is why theblackman and other HTK members have decided to go down to lower ranks, and please, don’t say it’s invite battles again because if they were invites then he wouldn’t even have to drop down to such a low rank in the first place.


Yes, he uses bugs game! Tacticsoft make the timeout 3 days to the re-appointment of the player in the clan.


Besides exploiting, it’s a form of bullying. I used to do this sort of thing until I took a cue from how most players in the top ranks treat others -with respect. I greatly admire the courteous in-game manner of many players. THERE IS some good culture in this community.

Shout out to Lord Gorgon in this regard.

Remember top players… “with great strength, comes great responsibility” - LOL


That is ridicolous, Wewawet started (AGAIN ) a witch hunt (of course she did in her conspiracy delusional) and you run after her like littl dogs :exclamation:

HardToKill won most Clan Gold Medals in SuperMechs reloaded, that leads to …

E N V Y, that is pretty normal, here the first best help for it …


I do not see that it is ridiculous a complaint about the general practice of this type of abuse, htk are not the only ones that grab it in an example, I remember when I ran 8 that I played with people full mythical, this must be sanctioned so that decrease.

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You just can also rant against the devs, watch a NORMAL match after I had to wait 30 (!!!) minutes …

… thats why this sensless accusing is ridicolous :exclamation:

Honestly, and I don’t take sides in saying this, but Wepwawet DOES have the moral high ground IMO. I have seen you in the chat rooms, and you are very antagonistic and arrogant. I am skeptical to believe your side of any argument.

However, I enjoy many of your posts, so no offense.


While I do agree that the matchmaking is completely ridiculous we can simply check HTK and see that theblackman is clearly in a really low rank, so this is not JUST about fighting underdeveloped mechs, it’s about him being in a way lower rank than he should be.

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Don’t try to justify yourself! We are all in equal conditions and a very long time waiting for your fight - this is a problem that must be solved together on the forum, but it does not give you the right to use bugs game!


She didn’t accuse YOU, but other members of HTK.

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an image expresses more than an explanation


Then you need to read her posts again.


I agree with @HateBlueMechs in that you’re taking this way too personally, also have you ever considered that we

because she can justify herself, and that you may simply be wrong in your avid defense of HTK?

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Wouldn’t the number of stars that the player won also leave the clan as well???

I don’t know if someone asked this already on the thread but I zoomed passed the end part of the thread and might have missed it

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Little boy listen …

  • I dont need to defense HardToKill, because we do NOTHING wrong :exclamation:

  • HardToKill won most Clan Gold Medal in SuperMechs reloaded

  • HardToKill play honest with heart and brain

  • HardToKill even reported a LOT of cheaters and bugs we found

So that started witch hunt (AGAIN) from Wepwawet is just RIDICOLOUS :exclamation::exclamation:

She do that only, because she is mad and angry that we kicked her out of HardToKill and she never ever won a Gold Medal :exclamation:

And when you want start a discussion about me little boy, pm me and I will tell you some thing you want and need to know about me :exclamation:


P.S.: I LOVE seeing you running after her like little dogs, because it shows how naive you are :exclamation:


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Then why do some HTK members drop rank and bully noobs?

That literally has NOTHING to do with what we’re conversing so don’t think that your shiny medals will help you out of this mess.

Again, with the presented evidence it doesn’t seem like it.

Just because HTK reported bugs and cheaters doesn’t mean HTK can’t exploit things and cheat aswell.

Damn you’re bad at arguing.



The moot for the debate is “I believe that HardToKill is a non-cheating clan

Speaker 1 of the Positive Team (Bestplayerintheworld) is now going to rebut Speaker number 2 of the Negative Team (Germankid)

Can the Chairperson please silence the crowd?

The Supermechs Debate Round 2 is about to begin!!

I am intrigued about what Best is about to say…

We should have a Supermechs Debating comp… I dibs Chairperson


I’m afraid that’s impossible :wink:

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Little boy, no, I am very good at it read …

As soon as some one left our Clan, is she/he still a HardToKill member :question:

It is not allowed to change members in Clan :question:

You want tell every player that he have to win :question:

How that should work, only wins are allowed :question:

R O F L your arguments are weak as hell :exclamation:

Poor little germankid :exclamation:


Do you feel it, you try with the wrong one :exclamation:

Wepwawet will end exactly there, where Ogonna ended, he needed really to visit a doctor (no joke), that doctor didn’t allowed him to write or talk to me for more than 1 YEAR (= 100% true story) :exclamation: