Exploitation of noobs

This is what the HTK clan is doing. Alternatively 1 clan member leaves the clan and gives away wins until they go to the lower ranks. Then, he returns to clan and begins to exploit noobs. Before now he did O-O, then it did bestplayer and now Black Man does it. The goal is to get as many wins as possible to collect the clan’s rewards. They take advantage of a weakness of system

This is a shame. This considers that the new player is an object that can be used, for whatever purpose. It´s a lack of respect towards the smaller players. It´s cowardly.

@Sarah247 please, do something. Don´t allow this exploitation. Behind every account there is a human being who deserves respect. Stop this, please!


You have serious issues Wepwawet :exclamation:


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Look, there is a mythical phrase that governs all ethics and morals of people:

“Never do to anyone what you would not want them to do to you.”

Look : you have a serious issues :exclamation:

What you wrote is such a huge nonsense, that I cannot answer, because I have to start laughing after every sentence you wrote. Thats why I say very honest to you : you need to search seriously help :exclamation:

Going down and fighting easy people is a stupid idea because all you lose the same amount of stars you get again

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No, because they leave the clan before going down. Then they return to the clan when they are very low, in much lower ranks. And according to the pairing, they playing with very very noob people.

They play battles in 2x2 and 3x3, that way they make many wins for the clan and collect the rewards.

Actually it does not favor the individual player, but they seek to collect rewards for the clan.

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oh…ok @Wepwawet

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Your accusing others has no end, it is ridiculous, you do that now more than a half YEAR :exclamation:

(“The truth is …” lol)
And all because HardToKill kicked you out of the Clan and you have to stay now in a bad Clan :exclamation:

Learn to live with it OR search for help :exclamation:


It is true that many use this tactic to have better spells, I think it will not take much importance sometimes, but they are right that it is unfair, legal but unfair, I propose that you make a penalty if you leave a battle in pvp -1 win in victories of the clan, this would be beneficial not only to solve this problem, but also the “proud” people who leave before you eliminate them.





I left HTK because I wanted to leave !!! What’s more, you called me a “traitor” in chat, because I left. My departure, it really hurt you a lot.

And I tell you more. But this surely you know it. A few months ago, after update, the leader of your clan contacted me by private message to tell me to join in HTK again. I rejected it, of course. And the response was very polite, he said “I understand”.

So I beg you, do not divert people’s attention to other directions, with the intention of covering what you are doing now.


I use google translator that is garbage, I speak Spanish … I do not know if I change the meaning of what I say a bit but it is just unfair

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You are a drama queen, thats why you have no place in our Clan anymore, make your drama in your Clan, I am sure they all like it :exclamation:


So that is the reason for why I stay in reign :wink:

It´s perfectly understood.

These unscrupulous people take advantage of a triple weakness of system: 1. the League system. 2. the fact that if you leave your clan you can return when you want, without a reasonable amount of time, and 3. that there is no rank requirement to enter a clan.

And as you say, the exploitation of noobs is a very dirty trick, but there are no rules in the game about it.

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I checked it right now, its true, that’s a shame on the clan


I feel sorry for noobs…

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lol people all go crazy including me

OMG you listen to that crazy old woman :question:

Did you ever heard from invited battles :question:
Not ladder battles :question:

Only her being grouch is a shame, and that she cannot get over it NEVER being again in the Top Clan, that is why she is ranting all the time :exclamation:


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Invited battles? Don´t make me laugh!

You went up in rank again with invited battles ?? Please. Invent another better defense, Lady, because you’re running out of argument.

You would have done it again, but it was too obvious, right? So you sent another member in the clan to do it. Can we know who is next on your list?